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Antimony Market Weekly Review & Forecast (Jul.9-Jul.14)

Update:2012-07-11 11:26:01  Source:AntimonyNet  Author:Miranda Return

It is reported that from January to May, the total export volumes of antimony trioxide reach 16,700 ton, down by 8.75% year on year. As China adjusted the export tariff in the first half of this year, antimony trioxide export market seems quiet, which further impacts whole antimony industry. As a whole, the antimony market runs insipidly with weakening price.

As for the antimony ingot market, the price stops dropping with stable trends early this week. 2# antimony ingots are mainly transacted at RMB69,000/ton VAT included and RMB60,000/ton VAT excluded. Although the present market prices remain at low levels, the players show confidence towards later market.

Currently, the demands for antimony ingot increase to some extent and lots of traders intend to stock up at such prices. However, the sources from manufacturers say that they see bullish towards later market and thus most of them choose to stand on the sidelines for the moment with few selling.

According to the analyst, although the antimony metal market remains to a stable state, it hasn\'t shown strong rally in the short run due to deserted macro economic environment and weak terminal demands.

Considering European market, the 2# antimony ingot price from Metal Bulletin is stabilized at USD13,300-13,800/ton while the Europe Minor Metal Price offers at USD12,700-13,500/ton.

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