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April Antimony Market Review & Outlook: Tighten Supply, Stabilize Prices

Update:2012-05-08 16:45:33  Source:AntimonyNet  Author:Miranda Return

Market Review & Analysis:

Domestic antimony market performed to be insipid in April. The traditional consumption peak season didn\'t come out as expected by insiders. As a whole, the market demands remain weak and the transaction volumes are unsatisfactory. Thereby, domestic antimony metal price and antimony trioxide price have no rise but slide to some extent. Until mid-April, the antimony ingot prices mainly stay stable, the ex-factory prices of 99.65 Sb remain at RMB79000-81000/ton and the quotations of 99.5% Sb2O3 keep at RMB69000-71000/ton. The whole antimony market moves slowly.

Market Outlook:

In view of current supply & demand, it is necessary for manufacturers to reduce or stop production to lessen the market supplies, and then to stabilize the antimony prices. Seen from current market, the whole demands at home and abroad haven\'t turned warm. As domestic downstream industries show no signs of traditional peak season, buyers are reluctant to purchase the materials. Due to the fear of price decrease, downstream clients are cautious to purchase and it will be likely to continue until the second quarter of this year. The antimony market in 2012 will present to be a high oscillation situation.

It is predicted that domestic antimony price will stay the stability but meanwhile it will face the pressures of descending. As for European market, the demands for antimony increase to some extent and thus domestic antimony metal sellers will increase their exports, which will bring favorable factors to the market price. As a whole, 99.65% antimony ingot price will hover at RMB77000-80000/ton in May and the average price in the second quarter will reach above RMB78000/ton. Besides, the average price of Standard II antimony in international market will climb up to USD12800/ton.

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