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Antimony Market Summary

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News from AntimonyNet: The antimony market was still quiet last week with a lower quotation in antimony trioxide.

Chinese antimony market was quiet between Sep 1st and Sep 5th, but the antimony producers made quotations by reducing the cost. The price of antimony ingot 99.65% min was about RMB42500/MT, RMB300/MT reduced compared with last week. The price decline slowly in the trade market, and many purchasers indicated that the antimony price was still high.

Affected by the sluggish international antimony trioxide market, the domestic market was still going down with the quotation of 99.8% antimony trioxide RMB37700-38000/MT this week. It is indicated by the suppliers that most factories are rich in stock and they are afraid of holding too many stock on hand if the market is still weak.

On the international market side, there was little change in the prices of antimony ingot, which kept at USD6550/MT but it was still weak in demand. Some European purchasers expressed that they would like to buy at local where the price was rather good. While some Indian traders were facing dual pressure: on one hand, the antimony ingot they supplied were at a high price, on the other hand, the customers didnt accept their quotation. They had nothing to do but wait.

The international antimony trioxide market rose a little and the inquires were increasing. Influenced by Chinese antimony ingot market, the prices declined a bit. This week, there were not too many concluded deals and the price was about USD5600/MT FOB Huangpu.

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