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Antimony inflates to new highs of $13600

Update:2011-01-24 10:50:28  Source:AntimonyNet  Author:violin Return

Antimony prices rose to new all-time highs on Friday, as Chinese producers continued to demand higher prices amid supply tightness, traders said. Both low-bismuth and standard grade II antimony prices moved to $12,950-13,600 per tonne, up from $12,850-13,350 last Friday, reflecting the tightness in availability of both grades in Europe.


The closing price of antimony ingot went up to RMB88,000-89,000t USD13,333-13,485t ex works in China though some insiders claimed that the price was talked up in view of the weak demand. A Shanghai-based trader stated that offers he got from suppliers in Hunan were in the range of RMB90,000-91,000t USD13,636-13,787t ex works and RMB82,000-83,000t USD12,424-12,575t VAT excluded.


Consumers of catalyst grade antimony trioxide reported that the closing price of the material went up to RMB81,500-82,500t USD12,348-12,500t delivered early this week, up by RMB3,000t USD454t from that of ten days ago.


Tight supply of antimony concentrate and ore C raw material of antimony ingot continued in spot market owing to the fact that snow weather hit major antimony producing places in the past weeks. A Hunan-based antimony ingot producer told that he got a batch of 60 metal tons of antimony ore 24-25% from Guangxi at RMB500mtu USD75.76mtu VAT excluded these days.


Market participants revealed that antimony trioxide export market was cold in the past weeks. Customers from overseas markets could not accept the present price and were watching the market. During the week after the Christmas holiday, I received some inquiries, but only one deal was finished.


As major antimony producing places enter snowy days, tight supply of antimony concentrate in domestic market becomes more and more obvious. Prices of antimony ingot 99.65%min and trioxide 99.5%min increased continuously.


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