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2011 Antimony Market

Update:2011-01-04 03:38:56  Source:AntimonyNet  Author:violin Return

The price of antimony ingot 99.65% rose from RMB79,000-81,000/tonne to RMB 81,000-83,000/tonne at the beginning of this month, and then rose to RMB 83,000-85,000/tonne. Antimony prices continue firm on this horizontal line. The price of spot market continuously goes up, too. Antimony trioxide prices have increased to RMB73,000/tonne from RMB 70,000- 72.000/tonne at the beginning of this month, and then rose to RMB 73,000- 74,500/tonne. The price increased again to RMB 73,500-76,500/tonne at the end of this month.


Antimony metal prices continuously went up in December. Market fluctuation keeps small, for the demand and supply situation keeps stable. The intense condition of Antimony ore and antimony products supply tight wasnt catabatic, but last for the whole month instead. For these reasons, the price went up again and again, especially during the beginning and the middle of this month, the steps slow down for demand lag at the end of the month, but the price still high. Downstream consumers take the cautious attitude to high price purchasing. Some antimony ingot and antimony trioxide factories revealed that because the short of material, they have already ceased to quotation, and start preparing for the plant maintenance.


It is reported that most of antimony factories are still shutdown in Lengshuijiang area. Only a few factories have good throughput. And the probability of reproduce is very small. So with the plant maintenance coming, antimony spot market supply will shorter than before. Antimony market is still in the good situation. Some antimony suppliers who have storage products are looking forward to the next year market. They are not anxious to sell products, so antimony price still has rise space before next year.


With the effects of domestic market, antimony price increased from USD11,800-12,200/tonne to USD12,200-12,500/tonne, antimony trioxide price increased from USD10,650-10,850/tonne to USD11,000-11,300/tonne. Foreign market became quieter because Christmas holidays. Merchants considered that with the price went up in domestic market, antimony export price will goes up, too.

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