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Antimony price soars

Update:2010-11-12 09:20:51  Source:AntimonyNet  Author:violin Return

Antimony trioxide market sees further price increase, but most buyers thought the price unacceptable high and purchased from hand to mouth. Sources reported that export offers of antimony trioxide still increase following the upward price trend in domestic market owing to tight supply of antimony ingot. Antimony ingot market is chaotic, and offering prices are in a wide range of RMB76,000-78,000t USD11,411-11,711t ex works or RMB67,000-71,000t USD10,060-10,660t .


When the news that China plans to purchase and store ten kinds of metals including antimony spread out, part of antimony ingot producers are unwilling to sell in spot market. Due to the price hike of antimony ingot in China, antimony concentrate price soared in the past week, insiders revealed to us. Pushed by the price increase of antimony ingot in domestic market, antimony trioxide export price goes higher and higher, but few deals have been reported in spot market.


European-There are more inquiries in European antimony market these days and spot materials held by traders become less and less.

Brazilian-Brazilian antimony metal prices stay strong and elevated despite the continually soaring international market. Brazilian antimony prices should see further increases in the coming days as they reflect the continued growth in international pricing.

US-Despite the new price increases being reported in the international market, US trioxide prices have not yet changed. Increases are expected in the coming days. New domestic price growth is expected.

South Korean-Market participants reported that offers went up to USD11,000t from USD10,700-10,800t for antimony ingot 99.65%min in South Korean in the past several days.

Indian-In line with the price hike in international antimony market, Indian antimony price rebounded, however, few deals can be concluded in spot market, sources revealed.


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