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Antimony Mine in Bolivia

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Antimony Mine in Bolivia

Planet Resource Recovery, Inc. is pleased to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Raptor Ventures, LLC, Inc. has commenced operations at the Sorpresa Antimony mine in Bolivia. Operations officially commenced on September 15, 2010.


The Sorpresa Antimony mine was officially inaugurated on September 15, 2010 with the completion of the customary cultural mining rituals blessing the mine and allowing the miners to enter the production area. Since the inauguration, all miners have arrived on site, all equipment has been situated, shafts have been cleared, blasting has commenced and raw ore is being brought to the surface for sorting. Raw ore production is ramping up to the targeted goal of 300 Metric Tons of ore per month. Additionally, Raptor Ventures, LLC has come to an accord with a local buyer to purchase the production at the Sorpresa Antimony mine.


The Sorpresa Antimony mine is situated on part of Bolivia\'s primary Antimony belt. The main ore body is considered one of the world\'s richest antimony veins which range from 58% to 67% pure antimony. Antimony is a chemical element that has a broad range of applications in manufacturing of industrial and consumer products. It is used in numerous industries such as semiconductors, flame retardants, storage batteries, electronics, pharmaceuticals, paints, ceramics alloys, rubber and small arms ammunition.


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