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Antimony Ore Price Aug.9

Update:2010-08-09 09:52:28  Source:AntimonyNet  Author:violin Return
Antimony Content
Sb (%)
The Price Will Be Reconsidered If The Quality Can Not Meet the Following Standards. (%)Price
USD/MMT (Metal Metric Ton)
Above 60%As/Sb 0.8%,Pb/Sb 0.23%3900-4300
50%-60%As/Sb 0.8% ,Pb/Sb 0.23%3800-4250
45.1-50%As/Sb 0.8%,Pb/Sb :0.23%3750-4150
40.01-45%As/Sb 0.8 %,Pb/Sb :0.23%3650-4050
35.1-40%As/Sb 0.8%,Pb/Sb 0.23%3600-3920
30.01-35%As/Sb 0.8%,Pb/Sb 0.23%3500-3820
25.01-30%As/Sb 0.8%,Pb/Sb 0.23%


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