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Antimony prices skyrocketed

Update:2010-01-18 20:54:35  Source:AntimonyNet  Author:violin Return

Because of the short supply of antimony production, these days, Chinese domestic antimony prices jumped a lot.

EX-Work prices of antimony 99.65% rose to RMB42,000-4,000/Mt from RMB41,000-42,000/Mt at the beginning of this week.

A Hunan based smelter expressed, "the reduction of the raw ore will further affect our output". The price of this factory\'s antimony ingot (with Bi) was RMB43,000/Mt, which was RMB1,000/Mt higher than the past few days.

A Guangxi smelter also confirmed antimony price rising. He said, "price of 2# antimony ingot in local market has risen to RMB42,000/Mt". But some market insiders showed, the rapid rising of antimony price will lead the market with high price but no buyers.

Some market insiders expressed Chinese antimony mines reduced, which lead the exploitation cost rose, as well as the prices rising.

As far as AntimonyNet know, at present, many factories have to arrange their delivery time to mid February. So in this condition, we predict the high price will keep until Spring Festival with little change.

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