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Antimony Demand in Europe Still Kept Low

Update:2008-12-17 19:56:21  Source:  Author: Return

Due to the continuous sluggish economy, European consumers have no intention to make purchase at present, so the dealers didn\'t buy goods from China.

It\'s revealed by a European trader that last week a Chinese supplier offer USD4350/Mt for antimony ingot 99.65% FOB Rotterdam. However, he still had no interest in this price because he received few inquiries from his clients. He also expressed that most of his clients didn\'t plan to buy-in at present, and they will not return to the market until the middle of January. He indicated the market will not improve in the following weeks.

Another trader expressed that the market may become better in the middle of January, however, it\'s Spring Festival in China, so when will the market turns better is still uncertain.

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