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Chinese antimony trioxide prices unchanged on slow buying

Update:2015-02-10 13:10:40  Source:AntimonyNet  Author:zhao Return

Chinas antimony trioxide market has remained quiet due to a lack business on the approach of the Chinese Lunar New Year, trade sources said.
Concluded prices for 99.50% grade antimony trioxide have stayed at RMB51,500-53,500/tonne, with no change compared to prices seen over the past three weeks.
Antimony trioxide prices began to rally since early last month on the back of the bounce in antimony metal prices, when prices stood at RMB50,000-52,000/tonne. But prices failed to see an big improvement due to inactive consumers buying.
Business in the spot market is very slow because both smelters and traders are not interested in doing business in view of the upcoming holidays. Prices remain unchanged at around RMB53,000/tonne, a smelter source in Hunan province said.
Antimony metal prices are expected to keep to an upward trend in February because consumers are predicted to replenish stocks, but supply is short. This will push up antimony trioxide prices accordingly, the source said.
Meanwhile, export prices have stayed at $8,600-8,800/tonne FOB, little changed compared to prices seen over the past three weeks.

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