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Antimony market review

Update:2013-11-27 15:18:35  Source:AntimonyNet  Author:zhao Return

Because of the international and domestic market of antimony ingot and antimony oxide prices continue to fall, smelters see bearish, adding raw material cautiously. Antimony ore market clinch a scarce deal prices downward.50 degrees antimony without ticket price is 36000-38000 yuan/tons of metal, and 35 degrees antimony without ticket prices is 32500-33500 yuan/tons of metal.

In Hunan, a antimony ingot smelters said recent antimony ingot ex-factory price is 58000 yuan/ton, antimony ore supply being adequate, supplementary material intention not high, and the market price is 37000-38000 yuan/tons.
While the other smelters, said recent 50 degrees of antimony concentrate DaoChangJia is controlled in 360000 yuan/ton, with general 10 points.A large smelters to the rich treasure of antimony metal mesh said  concentrate purchase price is in 37000 yuan/ton.
the downward prices bring greater pressure, antimony, lack of integrity conduct affection factors, from manufacturers and traders, according to the news on all inquiries received since prices fell down significantly, and traders to avoid risk, the current basic rarely hold cash resources.

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