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Individual businesses to raise prices phenomenon

Update:2013-10-24 01:59:59  Source:AntimonyNet  Author:zhao Return
Antimony stock market overall change is not big, but offer a strong, cold water river region and the current is still in higher offer, a vendor like we said 2 # antimony ingot prices by 65000 yuan/ton to 66000 yuan/ton, and has a small shipment of downstream customers. Have manufacturer says, because of long time big orders delivery, has no cash supply, ore procurement prices are more stable, at present to bring my ticket price of 47000 yuan/tons of metal goods, shipment will not high, run that antimony prices will remain strong. But news from the antimony oxide manufacturers, according to the current they sell stocks, in more aware of antimony ingot prices, but had no intention of purchase from near the high price, with the manufacturer, said more than 64000 yuan/ton price they will not consider the market transaction. Traders in Shanghai, according to the news on trying to antimony ingot at higher price 62500 yuan/ton but lower flange is not active, clinch a deal is still floating around 62000 yuan/ton.Rich treasure small metal research and development department

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