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Antimony trioxide market downturn

Update:2013-10-22 11:43:57  Source:  Author:zhao Return

      Antimony ingot market overall smooth operation, the store receiving continues, but disagree about future development of the industry, purchasing and indeed ease the pressure parts manufacturers, but this part of the supply of goods account period is longer, the manufacturer of pressure on the financing side still exist, some manufacturers to ease pressure low small shipments. But material market strength, for smelters without its own mining, smelting cost, sell antimony unprofitable, so the short-term antimony ingot prices unlikely to change.
      Antimony trioxide market demand is still relatively weak, the export market, Europe and the United States market demand is tanking. Price and the raw material cost of antimony ingot upside down, on the one hand, antimony and antimony ingot manufacturer offer a strong, but on the other hand from the downstream digestion situation is not optimistic, the industrial chain inventory pressures are still didn\'t get effective relief, see more empty merchants coexist, but the overall atmosphere is weak. Losses of large parts processing manufacturers, capacity utilization is not high, don\'t have confidence about future development, the industry currently offer relatively rational and objective.

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