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Antimony market difference is big

Update:2013-10-18 02:25:56  Source:AntimonyNet  Author:zhao Return
Prices this week don\'t change compared with last week, 2 # antimony market continue to be into the purchase link, manufacturers of traders or downstream consumer prices are much lower. There is a market that do help the purchase and ease the pressure , but this part of the supply of goods account period is longer, and the merchants of financing side pressure still exists. Traders in Shanghai, according to the news on current held a small spot, price is 62500 yuan/ton. The downstream acceptance is not high, for the next week or will price of fine-tuning. The standoff for market development, on the one hand, antimony ingot manufacturers offer a lot, but on the other hand from the downstream digestion situation is not optimistic, the industrial chain inventory pressures are still didn\'t get effective relief, see more empty merchants coexist, but the overall atmosphere is weak. Rich treasure small metal research and development department

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