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Chinese antimony market firm on rising ore prices

Update:2013-10-09 23:09:57  Source:AntimonyNet  Author:zhao Return


Antimony metal prices began to rally from the middle of July driven by stockpile purchases from China Minmetals.

Some smelters are askingRMB65,000/tonne but no business has been done at this price because antimony trioxide producers refuse to accept such high prices while the antimony trioxide market is inactive, a smelter source in Hunan province said.
Antimony metal prices are likely to go up further in view of the price rise in antimony ore, a second Hunan-based smelter source said. According to the source, prices for antimony ore grade 50%min have picked up another RMB1,000/tonne to RMB41,000-45,000/tonne, because most antimony smelters are preparing to resume production or increase output in the traditional autumn boom season.
Meanwhile, export prices have stayed at $10,000-10,400/tonne FOB, without moving up from prices seen at the beginning of the week.
Export prices are expected to rise further because it is hard for traders to obtain spot material from smelters who are withholding material for sale, a trade source in South China said.
But orders from overseas buyers failed to see much increase at the beginning of September because the recovery in demand from overseas consumers remains slow. I think export prices will keep inching-up slowly, a second trade source said.
Offer prices via legal routes have been raised to $10,800-11,000/tonne FOB from last weeks $10,600-10,800/tonne FOB.

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