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Antimony products offer high price

Update:2013-09-27 09:07:20  Source:AntimonyNet  Author:zhao Return

    Recently hunan province partial businessman lots of high price, 2 # antimony ingot price 67000 yuan/ton, also there are still quite a few businessmen still adhere to the original 2 # 63000-64000 yuan/ton, the price of antimony antimony businesses generally, said recently may be affected by the market for purchasing rumors, antimony ingot inquiries. Plentiful, but the downstream antimony oxide can be found at a certain extent of antimony ingot prices form.
    Shanghai area operation is relatively rational, traders operating quantity in January in the 40-50 tons of business, said the 2 # antimony offer remains steady at 62000 yuan/ton, the actual transaction price is in 61500-61800 yuan/ton, because of the maintenance of the old customers, shipments to fair. Another traders said, had just knocked out a batch of orders, is not the spot of the hands and the smell of the wineries in hunan market price is up to 65000-66000 yuan/ton, the original 61500 yuan can get the goods at present is unlikely.
At the end of August and start consolidation period is entered namely antimony products market, although in early September we received companies have quote us the price of 65000 yuan/ton, but the market running for nearly a month, clinch a deal the price still have not reached the height of the mainstream. Less collaborative antimony and antimony movements began in September rally, now 50 degrees antimony tax has the price of 50000 yuan/tons of metal, cold water river region has merchants reaction before Mid-Autumn antimony prices steadied after the smaller downward fluctuations, but the overall market is still characterized by a strong upward trend, in the short term for antimony ingot market.
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