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International Antimony price keeping rise, market participators are expecting future market

Update:2013-08-22 09:04:58  Source:AntimonyNet  Author:zhao Return

The International Antimony price keeping rose steadily, till 15th Aug, MBs Antimony Metal Grade 99.65% price is 9700-10100USD/MT compare wit 9100-9400USD/MT in July.Although it is summer break time for most European countries, but the foreign buyers are also increase inventory and buying antimony series product in the past month, which are prepare for the antimony market after summer break.From the Julys National Macroeconomic data released by each countries for the last six months. It seems European economy has begun to emerge from the economic downturn in the second quarter,lead to strong Euro. Commodity price began to rebound driven by the weak dollar index, Gold, Nonferrous metals, petroleum futures prices steadily stronger, although the rate of increase is still small percentage, it is one important factor for market participants to make judge for the futures economic situation. In this case, the future antimony markets price will be steady or in a rising trend.

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