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Antimony Review&Prediction: Sellers Hold Positive Mentalities

Update:2013-08-12 16:29:19  Source:AntimonyNet  Author:Miranda Return
quotations of 2# antimony ingots keep at RMB62000/ton. However, the prices of 99.5% antimony trioxide drop slightly to RMB53000-54000/ton. Although the market quotation turns better recently, the refineries have few profits and thus they are reluctant to sell at low prices now. As for downstream users, they have low operation rates during the summer vocation, therefore, their demands for raw materials are limited. At present, the buyers hold cautious attitudes and the overall transaction volumes prove to be limited as well. However, the sellers still see bullish towards later market and it is predicted that the price will have the possibility to go up further in the short term.

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