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Antimony Market Prediction: May Drop Further

Update:2013-06-03 11:12:00  Source:AntimonyNet  Author:Miranda Return

The market prices of antimony ores have stayed firmly for a period of time. As it is hard to exploit the high-quality antimony mine, the market supplies seem to be tight and for the moment, the transaction prices of 50% antimony ores are stabilized at RMB41000-44000/ton VAT excluded. As for the sellers who quoted at high prices, they mainly choose to stand on the sidelines now and are inactive in the market.

The antimony ingot prices tend to be weak recently. The mainstream transaction prices of 2# antimony ingots in Hunan mainly keep at RMB64500/ton while the prices in Guangzhou and Shanghai are lower slightly at RMB64000/ton, however, the prices of RMB63800/ton are also being heard in other areas.

The market quotations of antimony trioxide have big differences. Manufacturers are inactive in selling and downstream users hold the wait-and-see attitudes for the moment and only purchase on a needed basis. Therefore, the whole market presents to be quiet.

As a whole, the antimony prices tend to touch the bottom gradually and the later market will be possible to go down further in the near future.

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