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   Antimony Market Prediction: May Drop Further
   Antimony Sinks After Aggressive Sale; Chinese Producers Want Higher Prices
   European Antimony Ingot Price May Drop Further
   Antimony Market Weekly Review & Forecast (Jul.9-Jul.14)
   April Antimony Market Review & Outlook: Tighten Supply, Stabilize Prices
   Antimony May Extend Rally after Reaching China Record
   End of summer slowdown and antimony trioxide prices are rocketing upwards again.
   Chinese antimony prices drop further
   Antimony Demand in Europe Still Kept Low
Information hot
   Antimony prices skyrocketed
   Antimony Market Summary
   CAN:Antimonynet Metal Prices Nov.21
   Antimony Market Prediction: May Drop Further
   2011 Antimony Market
   Antimony inflates to new highs of $13600
   Antimony ingot price keeps at a high level in China
   Tri star Resources : Shareholders Agreement signed with respect to Strategic & Precious Metals Proce
   Jiefu Corporation Licensed 3348 MT of Antimony Product Export Quota In 2014
   Antimony price at new all-time high
Title Time
   Antimony Sellers Persist on Firm Quotations 08-07
   Chinese Antimony Metal Smelters Raise Prices Amid Industry Talk of SRB Stockpiling 08-05
   Antimony Market Prediction: Will Get Better Slowly 08-03
   Oversea Antimony Trioxide Market Shows Uptrend 08-01
   Antimony Ingot & Trioxide Prices Move up Slowly 07-30
   Antimony Market Prediction: May Run Steadily 07-24
   Antimony Ingot Prices Stable, Trioxide Uptick 07-22
   Antimony Market Begins to Turn Better 07-19
   Antimony Prices Rise As World's Largest Producer Buys up Stock 07-18
   Antimony Market Prediction: Run in Weak Trend 07-15
   Antimony Ingot Market Becomes Active Slightly 07-09
   Antimony Prices Run in Weak Trends 07-04
   Antimony Market Forecast: May Tumbling Further 07-01
   Asian Antimony Trioxide Market See Thin Deals 06-28
   China's Antimony Metal Market Weak as Smelters and Traders Rush for Cash Flow 06-26
   Antimony Market Prediction: Stuck into Downtrend 06-24
   Worldwide Antimony Trioxide Market Overview 06-19
   Antimony Market Forecast: Prices Drop Further, Demands Remain Weak 06-17
   Antimony Trioxide Market Steady after the Dragon Boat Festival 06-14
   Antimony Trioxide Market Soft, Prices Down 06-07
   Antimony Market Prediction: May Drop Further 06-03
   China's Antimony Metal Export Market Sees Low Prices 05-30
   Antimony Ingot Market Remains Stagnant at Home and Abroad 05-28
   Antimony Trioxide Market Keeps Sluggish Trend 05-24
   Antimony Market Review&Forecast(May 20-May 25) 05-21
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